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EnerChi Fitness provides fitness and health-related services

in the NJ+ region ...

Primary services are: Informational Seminars, Instructional Programs, and Private Instruction


Informational Seminars

An informational seminar is an interactive presentation introducing the key principles of ChiRunning® and ChiWalking®. The presentation also includes a few standing posture exercises and demonstrations of the techniques. Seminar content is appropriate for all fitness levels with no special attire required. A seminar is usually between 30-60+ minutes; and typically held on a weekday evening.

See the public Informational Seminar Schedule here.

Instructional Group Programs

Instructional group programs are provided in a clinic/workshop or multisession format. Typically, an intro ChiRunning Workshop is 4 hours and a intro ChiWalking Workshop is 2 hours. Workshop size is limited to ensure a quality experience. Each participant will get lots of personal attention and enjoy a rich learning experience. Each participant will also receive handouts of the material covered in class. Pre and post-program phone and email support is also included as necessary. Private group programs can be customized to specific objectives and group size.

See the public Instructional Program Schedule here. There is also a longer workshop description posted here: ChiRunning ChiWalking

Public followup sessions are sometimes scheduled and can be very helpful to the learning experience. Each followup provides another opportunity to get feedback and refine your technique. These sessions are also provided as a private or small group session as noted below.

Private Instruction, Individual or Small Group

Private instruction is provided in a single session or multiple sessions depending on your objectives. Ideally, ChiRunning or ChiWalking instruction starts with a series of essential lessons which provide a clear sense of what the position and motion feels like in your body. Exercises and technique drills are used extenstively in this process with limted amounts of full movement at first. This initial set of lessons, practice in full motion, feedback and review typically takes two hours to complete; with additional topics added when you are ready and time permits. But the duration of any session is completely up to you. If you are already familiar with the techniques or wish to take an alternate approach, we can create a session or program per your input. An in-person video review is also available and a very powerful exercise.

Potential Lessons/Topics: 1) Initial set of essential lessons with beginning Chi-Run/Chi-Walk, 2) Cadence, 3) Stride Length, 4) Breathing, 5) Hill Techniques, 6) Additional Drills/Exercises to re-enforce specific challenges, 7) ChiWalking as a slow motion practice for ChiRunning, 8) Video Review, 9) Body Looseners/Stretches, and 10) other per your input.

Pre and post-program phone and email support is also included as necessary. Private programs and session packages can be customized to your objectives and group size.

Your Investment:

  • For private individual instruction, your investment is $75 per hour.
  • For small group private instruction, the group investment is $75 per hour + $15 per extra person up to 5 people additional. For example, private instruction for a group of (2) is $90/hour total.
  • At this time coaching sessions generally occur in the Red Bank NJ area. Under certain conditions I do travel to other areas of the state and region.
  • Packages: Multisession private instruction packages are available. Contact me for more information.


  • Location for private instruction is outside at local parks, tracks or even at your home. We do not require a lot of space for the initial lessons. A level space with about 50' to move plus a larger space with 75-150 yds for short intervals of practice.
  • We do need to have an environment that is free of distractions. Since the initial lessons are not overly active, we need to also make sure cold temps/wind, hot sun, or other distractions do not impact the session focus.


  • Private instruction is generally scheduled on weekends, and sometimes during the weekday evening hours. Availability varies week to to week.

How much does it cost?

For a group clinic, as low as $20 per hour - For a private individual lesson, as low as $75 per hour - For a private group lesson, as low as $35 per hour ...

But how much does it cost you to not know if you are moving like the ball and not like the block? Or to not adjust your technique in the direction of the ball? What are the potential negative effects over time of moving like the block through a repetitive motion like running and walking?


And what are the benefits? To be moving more like the ball through a technique "Pre-hab" Program instead of dealing with or fearing the "Re-hab" Program?

Enjoyment? Consistency? Fitness? Health? Performance?

(Blog Post: Fitness Pre-Hab Program)

For the cost of your next pair of shoes, or a massage, or a PT session ... you can learn the simple principles that can support your fitness goals for the rest of your life ...

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