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Shoe Type Gradual Progress Transitioning

Jul. 28th 2014

Gradual progress is a key ChiRunning principle which allows the body to adapt to changes in stimulus so that greater skill, distance and/or performance can be achieved safely. This principle applies to any change in running and in life. A tree knows to change gradually with the seasons to limit risk.

This concept is very important in shoe type transitioning as skill increases. Typically a transition moves toward more flexible, flatter and lighter shoes. The suggested approach is to focus on technique first; and allow that to signal when less shoe is possible for each individual. As technique improves

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10 Ways Running in Minimalist Shoes is Like Running with a Great Friend

Dec. 10th 2012

Last week I was able to go for another run with a great friend. It was a refreshing, head clearing, perspective run. We did not need a watch, or know the distance. We did not need all the ‘stuff’ that is supposed to enhance the running experience. We simply filled the time we had to share our life challenges and successes, while still focusing on technique and terrain.

Afterwards I consider how both my shoes and my friend helped me “run” real. Here are 10 Ways Running in Minimalist Shoes is Like

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Longevity Running

Aug. 24th 2011

Recently I was able to assist at a weeklong ChiRunning and ChiWalking program at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY. The program was taught by the authors, Danny and Katherine Dreyer. It was a great opportunity to learn, share and support others.

During the intro one of the discussion points reminded me that T’ai Chi was developed with a main objective of longevity. As I do with most concepts, I related it to my running and since ChiRunning is based on T’ai Chi … I then asked myself the question whether my own running, both technique and program, resembles

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Going Running or Being Run?

Apr. 4th 2011

In ChiRunning a key concept is to cooperate with external forces of nature. When you cooperate with the external force of gravity, it can feel as though you are “being run” by the pull of gravity. To reach that point; alignment, relaxation and balance are all needed so that the supporting motion can happen with less and less effort.

There are many tools you can use to move towards greater alignment, relaxation and balance. One type is a visualization. Here is a visualization I have been using for some time that may also work for you

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Fitness Program “Pre-hab”

Mar. 28th 2011

The term “Pre-hab” was first introduced to me in early 2006 when I first met the author of ChiRunning, Danny Dreyer. Interesting how other authors have now decided to use the term also, but I am not surprised since it so accurately describes an alternate path we can take in our fitness programs. An overall objective of most fitness programs is to get moving and stay moving consistently. This can be any kind of fitness training; strength training, range of motion, sport, walking/hiking, running, etc.

The most common path we find ourselves on is unfortunately the re-hab path. Re-hab is what happens when our actions create resistance towards

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Living Barefoot Show with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

Sep. 19th 2010

Referenced here is a great audio interview with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella on the Living Barefoot Show.

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Running Technique and Foot Landing Options

May. 5th 2010

Recently there has been much discussion and debate about how to run with respect to foot strike. The advice ranges but it is in general focused to how to land the foot. Much of the advice is also purist in nature – meaning a position that there is only one ‘right’ way to land properly for all people and all running situations.

My only advice to you if you come across positions like this is to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. The position is not intended to serve you, it is intended to serve the source. A true coach or advocate, in my opinion, would share options so you can

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3 Significant Differences Between Pose Method and ChiRunning

Mar. 23rd 2010

There is much confusion and misinformation about the Pose Method and ChiRunning techniques; and they are sometimes stated as the same or similar. Although the Pose Method and ChiRunning both suggest engaging gravity via a slight forward lean and simply picking up your feet to keep up with your forward fall, there are many significant differences between these two running techniques.

Here are just 3 Significant Differences between Pose Method® and ChiRunning®:

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ChiRunning Simplified! Efficient and Injury Free Natural Running Technique

Mar. 14th 2010

Still wondering what this ChiRunning (‘chee-running’) is all about? Or maybe looking for a refresher of the basic ChiRunning principles?

Below is a short video entitled “ChiRunning Simplified!, Efficient and Injury Free Natural Running Technique” which provides a summary of the principles, position, motion and benefits. Plus it provides a simple analogy and helps answer the question “How do you run?”

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Running with a Relaxed Midfoot Strike

Dec. 19th 2009

As in a previous post (ChiRunning® … Land, Peel and Lift), the ChiRunning motion of the heel/foot creates a wheel or circle as we move forward.

Another key to this running motion is a Relaxed Midfoot Strike.  Running with a relaxed midfoot (full-foot) strike allows a subtle forward lean (fall) from the ankles with no resistance.  It also removes a significant amount of stress from the lower legs and feet.  The statistics indicate that 65-80% of all runners get injured every year in some way.  And most of those injuries are at the knee and below.  Could it be that we are asking a relatively small part of our body to

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JFK 50 Mile Ultra 2009 Summary

Nov. 23rd 2009

The 47th Annual JFK 50 Mile Ultramarathon was held this past Saturday November 21, 2009. It is the oldest 50 Mile Ultra in the USA.  It was my third 50 Mile Ultra Marathon and my 2nd JFK50 (see last year’s JFK50 Mile Ultra Marathon Summary here).  Some new thoughts on the prep and then road, trail, towpath, and road to the finish …

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Running Like Children

Nov. 18th 2009

A quick post today referencing the embedded video which shows the elements of running technique utilized by children.  Note the running technique used for efficiency and fun!; a mid-foot (full-foot) landing and a subtle lean(*) for propulsion. This is very similar to so many other examples of how running ‘naturally’ instinctively utilizes these elements of

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Persistence Running Technique

Oct. 21st 2009

In Born To Run by Christopher McDougall, Chapter 28 is a very interesting read about the how and why humans might be ‘runners’; and how ‘African hunters chase antelope … and Tarahumara Indians would race after a deer’ (page 227) in what may be called a Persistence Hunt.

Below is a great video showing Persistence Hunting by the San people of Africa’s Kalahari Desert.  Note the running technique used for

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Should We Run Barefoot?

Oct. 5th 2009

Recently there has been a lot of focus on the concept of running barefoot.  Some purists suggest we should all be running barefoot, period.  Personally, I don’t care for the word ‘should’.  It implies someone else telling me what to do or be, when we all have to decide that for ourselves.

But can we just go run barefoot?  To help answer this, consider how long it has been since you ran barefoot.  20 years, 40 years, 60 years?; most of us have not run barefoot since

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ChiRunning® … Land, Peel and Lift

Jun. 18th 2009

In ChiRunning®, the #running approach is to land mid-foot (full-foot) under your column and allow a circular wheel behind you with your heels. Visually, this is similar to the Road Runner cartoon, see an example of this here:

The focus is to allow the knee to bend and to not consciously lift the knee. Lifting the knee brings the leg forward and allows it to land in front of the body (Blog: ChiRunning Natural Running Technique). Bending the knee creates a vertical arc with the feet. See the diagram below showing

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