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“Nutrition” for Boundless Energy

Sep. 8th 2014

Here are my top seven elements of “nutrition” that I currently focus on to promote a high level of consistent and almost boundless energy. When my energy or my mood drops I can usually point it back to one of these elements being neglected or out of balance.

Since I am big on measuring so I can also adjust in the desired direction, I have also graded myself on each element and my current focus point to

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Skillset via Mindset

Jan. 21st 2013

This past weekend I was at a regional meeting for an international bio-tech company (*ASEA) I represent; and one of the speakers made the distinction between having the “skillset” vs. having the “mindset” to accomplish your goals. I, as usual, immediately related this distinction to coaching (and practicing) running/walking technique. It was a good reminder that no matter how much skill and body sense one can experience, it is the longer term discipline mindset that supports lifelong success.

If your goal is to run/walk efficiently and injury-free, it will take

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Efficiency at a Lower Level

Oct. 21st 2011

This blog is mainly about creating efficiency in our movement so that we can improve our health and, if desired, increase our performance. But this blog is also about supporting efficiency in all aspects of life. Efficiency in movement is created by balancing effort across all parts of the body relative to their ability. But what if one part of the body is not able to efficiently contribute to this balance; or worse yet detract from it? An example might be upper body vs. lower body or maybe the leg vs. the big toe.

Yet another relationship exists between “levels”. For example, muscles are limited by their “parts” which are cells. And all of those cells are in turn limited by

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