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Why NM? Why ASEA?

Why NM?

I get this question often: “What are YOU doing in Network Marketing?” … sometimes along with various opinions related to pyramid schemes and other misconceptions.

First, pyramid schemes are illegal. The direct selling/network marketing industry is closely monitored to ensure important laws are followed. If any company were acting in any way like a pyramid scheme, they would be shut down immediately.

Second, if you have not noticed – the world has changed. Traditional marketing no longer works like it once did. For example, 80% of people no longer watch live TV and then when they do watch they fast forward through the commercials. This has resulted in many companies shifting to more “social” or “relationship” forms of marketing by either:
– Hiring influential people to review and promote products online
– Choosing network marketing to bring their products to market

This shift represents a significant opportunity for those who feel obligated to share a resource they value and who can develop a few simple skills to share respectfully. The opportunity can have a direct impact on the lives of many people and at the same time create income for anyone (… with extra room in their bank accounts) and redirect that income for even greater good.

Network Marketing can allow anyone to:
– Create business Leverage where your efforts can be duplicated and multiplied
– Shift from thinking like an Earner to start thinking like an Owner
– Shift from earning an Income to generating Revenue, and the good kind called recurring revenue

And NM does this with limited startup costs and turnkey logistical support across global markets … all while supporting individual goals, from part-time to full-time to big-time.

Not into sharing cause it feels like selling? Don’t like Network Marketing? I understand. I felt the same way at first. But once I looked into the business model and learned the professional way to respectfully share conviction with others, I found it to be a valid way for ethical companies to bring their valuable products to market. And I get it – chances are you have been approached by a network marketing amateur; convincing, overpowering, selling. I do not do that. With permission … I educate people about a unique resource I am passionate about sharing; and I help them make the right decision for THEM. Period.


Another question I get often is: “What’s so special about ASEA?

ASEA is so unique – no other resource provides what ASEA provides, and therefore ASEA can do what no other resource can. ASEA simply allows our bodies to repair themselves the way they were designed to.

I am sure you have noticed how quickly young children tend to heal from a cut, scrape or bruise – and can play all day with boundless energy. One of the reasons why is because “youth” makes much more of some important substances that support cellular efficiency and repair; and after age ~13 we make less and less of them – about 10% less per decade. It is also possible for anyone, including “youth” to get out of balance in these substances due to environmental and lifestyle stressors.

ASEA is the only resource that can replenish these bio-identical substances. The benefits can be significant across all aspects of healthy aging, skin/tissue repair, a healthy immune system AND even athletic endurance and recovery. The resource comes in two forms, an ASEA liquid solution that you ingest or spray on your skin – and recently a RENU 28 gel format that concentrates the active ingredients onto the skin/tissue.

My own personal testimonial consists of deeper sleep, faster athletic recovery, higher athletic performance and overall skin health. Plus I hear testimonials every weekday that cover a wide range of benefits; from a simple cut or scrape to skin repair issues to consistent daily energy to injuries to cognitive issues to normalizing blood tests to very, very significant health challenges – and everything in between.

Not into learning about this resource? That’s ok, I at least want you to be aware of what you are saying no to. You will hear the ASEA name again and again in the coming months – you will start to see it on the news and through other health programming. So this is your pre-view for the health conscious and the open-minded.

It will only take about 8 minutes right now to learn about ASEA through the following video:

– ASEA’s Redox Breakthrough:

If you do decide to watch, note the congruency between the natural structural “efficiency” promoted through ChiRunning/ChiWalking programs and the native cellular “efficiency” supported by ASEA. Both focus on helping the body be more efficient through balance, just at different levels. In the end, we are only as healthy or as efficient as our cells are.

With your permission I can direct you to additional educational resources, or share my testimonial, or provide important usage information and promotions. Please reach out to me at if I can help in any way.


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David Stretanski is a holistic health, fitness and wellness coach and Certified ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor. For more information on David, please see his About MeContact page or his website at

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