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Creating a ChiRunning “Practice”

One ChiRunning concept that can sometimes be a challenge – is developing the mindset of a fitness “practice”. Adjusting your position and motion requires creating new skills and habits through consistent practice. To do this, the approach is to focus on getting something FROM each run … and not just getting THROUGH it. This is the mindset of a fitness practice, which might be defined as “a regular mindful activity that seeks to improve the quality of your life”.

Below is a short video on a few ideas on how to create your fitness or ChiRunning “practice”.

(Direct link to this video is if it does not appear below.)

Creating a ChiRunning “Practice” video …

The ChiRunning resources referenced in this video are available here: Daily Fitness Journal, and Online Training Programs.

Remember, you do not need to make a lot of notes or be very detailed … but start making some notes somewhere after each run. It will quickly shift your mindset towards having valuable learning experiences.

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One Comment on “Creating a ChiRunning “Practice””

  1. Teresha Thames Says:

    So simple and yet I can really see the value in this and how it would both tempt me and assist me in making new goals. Thank you for the suggestion.

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