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Skillset via Mindset

This past weekend I was at a regional meeting for an international bio-tech company (*ASEA) I represent; and one of the speakers made the distinction between having the “skillset” vs. having the “mindset” to accomplish your goals. I, as usual, immediately related this distinction to coaching (and practicing) running/walking technique. It was a good reminder that no matter how much skill and body sense one can experience, it is the longer term discipline mindset that supports lifelong success.

If your goal is to run/walk efficiently and injury-free, it will take discipline practiced daily (and sometimes moment to moment) to develop the skillset needed to create new habits. AND then it will take more discipline to consistently feed and enhance those new habits. And relatively speaking, the discomfort from discipline is low:

“There are two types of pain you will go through in your life. The pain of discipline and the pain of regret. While the pain of discipline is weighed in ounces, the pain of regret is weighed in tons.” -Jim Rohn

But at times: “What is easy to do is also easy not to do.” -Jim Rohn

So discipline or “mindset” is the absolute key. This is both in developing the skillset and in putting it to consistent use. The speaker added that motivation only gets you so far. Motivation will only get you to do something when you feel like it. But what about the times when you don’t feel like it? Only a strong commitment will make it happen then. The “mindset” presented was very similar to the way ChiRunning is presented:

  1. Manage your perspective and realize this is a longer term process or “practice”. If you are challenged, reset and begin again. Be patient with yourself, but be persistent.
  2. Be consistent. Developing new habits will take time.
  3. Pick 1-2 focus points at a time.
  4. Learn continuously to maintain new habits and build upon them.

When I first started learning ChiRunning back in early 2006, I was very motivated by frustrating injuries. That motivation quickly turned into an absolute commitment to staying focused as I got distracted or was lazy in my practice. I focused on form for about 18 months before I ran in a running event. This early commitment to being a student first has served me very well. The enjoyment of the process of self-discovery has clearly out-weighted any discomfort of a little discipline.

(*ASEA is an international bio-tech company that has developed a technology that is changing the face of health and athletics as we know it. I represent them because of my own personal experience with their technology and my desire to share it with others. The technology has enhanced my training, recovery and a number of other health factors. Plus I hear testimonials every day about how this technology is also enhancing the health and fitness of others. See the Redox Breakthrough video on the top left here: Reach out  for more information on my testimonial, usage and the latest news on study results and promotions.)


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