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2012 Running Year in Review

A very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all. Here is a brief post on the 2012 Running Year …

Running Focus

My primary focus continues to be to run (live) healthy, both physically and mentally. Similar to the previous year, I focused onthe following points:
– ChiRunning efficiency; mainly through a core strength training program.
– Aerobic efficiency; to enhance my aerobic base by running slower at a lower heart rate to enable running faster at a lower heart rate.
– Body sensing health and adjusting right away when needed. This served me very well in September when a bit of a health issue resulted in a running pause.


I participated in two ultra marathon events. I had two additional fall ultras planned but it was necessary to skip them due to the running pause.

– FebApple 50K (February)
– NJ Ultra Festival 50M(March)

I don’t have any events planned yet for 2013 as I consider teaching schedule conflicts. I am considering the NJ Ultra Festival 50M again in March and maybe the NJ Marathon in May. The rest of the year is as usual TBD, but I really want to go back to the JFK50 in November. That was my 2012 “A” race, and I had to skip it.


Even with a significant (~6 week) layoff in the fall, I increased my total mileage slightly from the previous year. Below is a graph of my mileage by week for the year (click on it to enlarge). The blue is the weekly total and the red is the weekly long run.

Mileage by Week notes:
– Total miles for the year: 1839 or 35.4 miles per week on average. These stats do not include the amount of running I do while instructing.
– Week 8 was the FebApple 50K.
– Week 11 was the the NJ Ultra Festival 50M (a 24 minute distance PR at 7h 53m).
– Weeks 36-37 my energy was dropping. It was clear towards the end of week 37 I needed to pause before I injured myself.
– The last week of the year is a partial (~1/2) two  day week.

2012 Take-aways

So what did I learn this year?  Here are just a few of the many lessons:

– Balance in *ALL* things. INCLUDING your mental state. The body and mind are very connected. When you *feel* (body sense) something different, it is very likely your *feelings* are involved. If you are positive, your energy will be high. If you let things take you negative, you and your energy will both likely be *depressed*. Be very careful about what you think about.

This first one came from my fall health issue experience (Blog Post: It Is What It Is). Basically, in early September my overall energy dropped significantly and I was experiencing variable cramped/knotted muscles for no reason. After some TCM advice for both dietary and mental adjustments, I felt better quickly but waited before coming back slowly. The experience and patience yielded many unexpected blessings.

– How to be ok with what is in each moment. Not doing the JFK50 was tough, but that significant consequence really sat me up forcing me accept and deal with the real reason why.
– More core strength, core strength, core strength; work at it consistently or lose it. This includes in the gym and on the run/walk.
– The bonus is glute medius, glute medius, glute medius. This is another very big key to my single leg stance stability and running potential. Look for blog posts on this coming soon.
– More perspective. We can all use a little more of that.

2013, What is Next?

– Keep working on my most recent adjustments.
– Make sure you get and stay flexible … physically and mentally.
– Consider spring event readiness in a few weeks.


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David Stretanski is a holistic health, fitness and wellness coach and Certified ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor. For more information on David, please see his About MeContact page or his website at

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