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10 Ways Running in Minimalist Shoes is Like Running with a Great Friend

Last week I was able to go for another run with a great friend. It was a refreshing, head clearing, perspective run. We did not need a watch, or know the distance. We did not need all the ‘stuff’ that is supposed to enhance the running experience. We simply filled the time we had to share our life challenges and successes, while still focusing on technique and terrain.

Afterwards I consider how both my shoes and my friend helped me “run” real. Here are 10 Ways Running in Minimalist Shoes is Like Running with a Great Friend …

Minimalist shoes:

  1. Don’t try to correct you; they provide just enough protection and support.
  2. Flex and bend but with care don’t degrade over time.
  3. Ground you confidently in each moment.
  4. Keep the communication paths open and receptive.
  5. Help you realize that how you run, and who you are, is more important than the stuff you surround yourself with.
  6. Show us the most comfortable shoes have the most miles on them, and have been through the mud together a few times.
  7. Help you experience the concept of a light touch but a solid connection.
  8. Remind you to follow your own intuition and body sense adjustments.
  9. Develop skill and perspective so you can take any chosen path, terrain or surface in the same shoes.
  10. Remind us that when dealing with hardness in the world, be soft.

In the end, both let you run and be “real”. What do you think? What are other ways running minimalist is like running with the great friend?


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David Stretanski is a holistic health, fitness and wellness coach – and Certified ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor.  For more information on David, please see his About MeContact page or his website at

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Posted on Monday, Dec. 10th 2012 9:11 AM | by echifitness | in All, Barefoot/Minimalist, ChiRunning | 2 Comments »

2 Comments on “10 Ways Running in Minimalist Shoes is Like Running with a Great Friend”

  1. Barry Boucher Says:

    Hi David, I am a 66 year old male who has just gone through prostate surgery, radiation and now embarking on a new life of exercise. Loved your article on the balloons…very helpful. My question…when I begin to chi walk, are my hips supposed to be aligned and rigid or aligned and flexible? Are my hips supposed to move forward and back or stay put? Thanks for all your tips. Barry

  2. echifitness Says:

    Thank you for your comment/question.

    In ChiWalking, the hips/pelvis are aligned and fluid (flexible) to the rear.
    – Aligned posture.
    – Level pelvis
    – Fluid hip movement to the rear with each step (leg/foot) going out the back. This pelvic rotation to the rear is something you “allow” with alignment and relaxation. The hip does not come back forward of neutral.

    The Pelvic Rotations Body Looseners is a good way to sense this range of motion in place first.

    Best to you in your exercise and health goals.

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