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Numbers (f)or Consistency?

Many have noticed that day to day times, distances or other running statistics are rarely posted here. It is not that I don’t like numbers, it is just that my health goals usually have little to do with them.

One goal I do like to set and measure is consistency. One way to measure consistency is distance or minutes per long(er) timeframe … say monthly or yearly. I like to set goals yearly. This removes my tendency to think and sometimes overtrain short term.

A great way to measure while limiting the day to day effects of measuring is to use a watch *after* your runs, months, years to look back. I have been using Garmin Connect for some time. First using the Garmin FR60 foot pod watch and more recently using the Garmin 610 GPS watch. Primarily these watches are used for Heart Rate monitoring with a secondary use of totaling distance. Garmin Connect has a number of statistics you can see across a number of standard intervals like “This Month”, “Last Month”, “Last 30 Days”, “This Year”, “Last Year”, “Last 365 Days”; and across custom date ranges.

For the last few calendar years I have been running between 1500 and 1800 miles, but I have had my eye on the 2000 mark for some time. I am on target to surpass that mark this calendar year.

But last weekend the “Last 365 Days” statistic crossed that 2000 mile mark for the first time ever. Then during this week that same stat over the previous 52 weeks also crossed 2000 miles. Here is a chart showing:

  • Total miles over the previous 52 weeks using the left axis (green)
  • Weekly miles using the right axis (blue)

For weekly miles I aim for a mix of longer/shorter weeks at 1:1 or 2:1 ratio so there is in general a sawtooth like pattern. The last few weeks have been on the high side so this week will likely be a shorter week.

There have been numerous adjustments in technique focus, training program focus and supporting resources that have enabled this increase. I have shared some of them on this blog and will continue to add more. I also post a short focus summary for each run on Facebook and Twitter.

Bottom line: technique, nutrition and gradual progress all enhance the opportunity to adapt and move forward with low risk … and high consistency.


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