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ChiRunning Simplified, Two Years Later …

Two years ago today a brief 9+ minute video project was completed and posted. The video introduced the key ChiRunning concepts in a very simple way and was appropriately named “ChiRunning Simplified!“. The video provided a summary of the ChiRunning principles, position and motion that can result in significant benefits. Plus the video provided a very simple analogy to put these potential benefits into perspective.

As of this moment, the video has had:

  • 305 thumbs up, and 11 thumbs down

Thank you everyone for sharing the video and for your feedback. It is great to know that the investment needed to create this resource has resulted in a helpful way to share some simple ideas. Here is the video embedded below in case you missed it, or want to view it again to remind yourself how simple, less effort and lower stress running can be.

(Direct link is

ChiRunning Simplified!, Efficient and Injury Free Natural Running Technique

[Note that the same principles apply in ChiWalking with minor technique adjustments.]

Of course over time there will be newer clearer ways to describe it, show it, and help people feel it. One example was to clarify a comparison made related to a landing and a loading position. See the blog post from last summer on that here: Landing vs. Loading Clarification. See the links below for additional posts and articles.

Again, thank you for supporting this project.

For more information on ChiRunning, see  related blog posts, and/or


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David Stretanski is a holistic health, fitness and wellness coach and Certified ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor. For more information on David, please see his About Me, Contact page or his website at

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