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2011 Top Ten Posts of the Year

This blog consists of posts from a range of subjects; from my running to running technique, to posture to fitness to health to mind/body to life lessons. All variants of a similar topic on lessons we might consider for a full, meaningful, energized life. Here are the Top Ten EverChi Fitness Blog Posts of the 2011 Year based on page view statistics.

1. (3) Significant Differences Between Pose Method and ChiRunning

This post is consistently at the top. As people look more and more to technique to improve their running experience, they usually find these two approaches. Some people mistake them for being the same or similar, but they are quite different in almost every respect.

2. The Physics of ChiRunning, Lean

This is another subject discussed and challenged often. Interesting that *opinions* are sometimes formed based on opportunistic theory and not on experience, particularly when a 30 second experience usually can have anyone rethink the topic.

3. ChiRunning Simplified! Efficient and Injury Free Natural Running Technique

This is a personal favorite. A lot of time and effort went into a short, simple video presentation on the key ChiRunning principles. As of this writing, the video has had 132,427 views on YouTube. There are 268 likes and 10 dislikes; I am guessing the 10 dislikes come from those who have not tried the exercise in the previous post #2.

4. ChiRunning Common Challenges, Core

Core strength, core strength, core strength – it is the base of your potential capability. This year most of my success (in particular in distance, pace, recovery, balance and confidence), has come from isolating and strengthening my core so my legs can relax and go with the running motion instead of resisting it. Look for more blog posts on this key topic coming soon.

5. (4) Components of Alignment for Running Form Efficiency and Injury Prevention

This post summarizes the many ways we can be aligned with our strength, our goals and the external forces that can help us. Alignment is a key concept which enables the second key concept of relaxation.

6. ChiRunning Common Challenges, Lean

This post summarizes probably the biggest challenge when practicing ChiRunning (or ChiWalking) … getting the lean “right” when “right” is very individual. It is a feeling of a subtle pull with alignment and without tension (resistance).

7. Running Technique and Foot Landing Options

Sometimes the terminology can be very confusing. This post makes the distinction between landing and loading. Small changes in loading location, landing position, landing direction and how you load your support (structure or muscles) can make a big difference.

8. Going Running or Being Run?

This is a fun post with a visualization that came to me on a cold winter (and windy!) day. Ever since then I have been using this concept to keep me tall and subtly forward. This is also the most helpful cue/visual based on client feedback.

9. Elements of ChiRunning Efficiency

This is actually a response post. A coach from another technique posted an embarrassing post about how one technique was more efficient that another technique based on one single technique element. When I suggested there were other aspects of technique that affected efficiency, I was shocked when the coach wanted to know “what other aspects?”.

10. Landing vs Loading Clarification

This post clarified the video in post #3 above. The images I used to compare “upright” running and ChiRunning in the video was not exactly fair.

What do you think? – What is your favorite EnerChi Fitness post of last year? One that clarified a term concept or focus? Or provided an alternate visual? Or applied CR/CW principles to life? Or helped your program in some way?


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David Stretanski is a holistic health, fitness and wellness coach and Certified ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor. For more information on David, please see his About MeContact page or his website at

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