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Efficiency at a Lower Level

This blog is mainly about creating efficiency in our movement so that we can improve our health and, if desired, increase our performance. But this blog is also about supporting efficiency in all aspects of life. Efficiency in movement is created by balancing effort across all parts of the body relative to their ability. But what if one part of the body is not able to efficiently contribute to this balance; or worse yet detract from it? An example might be upper body vs. lower body or maybe the leg vs. the big toe.

Yet another relationship exists between “levels”. For example, muscles are limited by their “parts” which are cells. And all of those cells are in turn limited by their parts which are molecules. What if you are working towards balance at the body/muscle level and a lower level is out of balance?

I was reminded of this concept about 11 months ago from a fellow runner and good friend. I saw him one day at a group run and I could tell there was something a little different. He had a bit more spring in his step and higher energy after the run. I asked him what he was up to. He said he was testing a product that promotes balance at the cellular level by supplementing “molecules”. He said the molecules are native to the body, but they can get out of balance for a number of reasons which can make the cellular functions inefficient. What was interesting was that this supplementation was occurring below the substance, antioxidant or vitamin level; and was providing the raw molecules our cells need to promote balance and health.

He asked me if I wanted to try the product. This idea to supplement at a level below traditional supplements was new to me but I could clearly “see” in him there was something to it. I had only 10 days before a major 50 mile ultra marathon and I don’t like to introduce anything new that close to an event. I decided to try it for a few days and see what happened. I saw him again the following week and told him I was experiencing better sleep, more energy and less recovery. I continued to use it up until race day. On race day morning, I debated what to do … and decided to take a pre-event amount.

The next thing I knew I was crossing the finish line 45 minutes earlier (for 50 miles) than the year before. The ultra felt very “different” this time. I did not get the same tension and fatigue in the later miles as in previous years. And it almost felt like my body was dealing with the exhaust of my activity while I was still running the event. Afterwards I had more at the hotel as well as in the days that followed. That evening and the next day my recovery seemed much less than in previous years. A few days later I was running as if the event had never happened.

I continued to use the product and about 10 days later I remember a long group run. That is when I really noticed another benefit: enhanced aerobic performance (study here). I could sense much less aerobic effort on a familiar hilly course. Even a few friends commented that I was running so well so soon after my event.

I have been using the product ever since; and continue to enjoy the many benefits from improved sleep to more energy to clearer skin to better digestion to higher performance to less recovery. I use a daily amount and then add more for a long training run or event. In about a month the same 50 mile ultra marathon event is coming up again. I am very interested to see how almost a whole year of greater balance at the cellular level might enhance my experience; and perhaps suggest an increase in health … from the inside out.

[Update 10/27/11: My most recent ASEA experience this past Sunday at a very challenging ultra marathon: 2011 Bimblers Bluff 50K Ultra Summary]

What’s the Science behind it? This short video explains it:

Direct link on YouTube:

Hear more testimonials about athletic performance in this video:

Direct link on YouTube:

But it is not just for athletes, what other benefits may be possible? See more health testimonials here:

How can you test it risk free for yourself or for a friend or family member? You can do a one month “case” study; every case comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Most people will notice some benefits within a few days to one month. More information here:

  • Please contact me if you want to do your own test. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Note: I only recommend products I have had a great personal experience with. Although I have moved away from supplements in recent years in favor of whole food nutrition, this is one product I would not want to ever do without.

In the NJ area? Want to learn more? Join us for an ASEA Educational Presentation next Thursday Oct 27th in Tinton Falls, NJ at 7PM. Zero obligation; just come, listen and learn more. Presentation details here. Can’t make the meeting? Contact me and we will connect to get you more information.

ASEA is currently available in the USA and Canada. It is coming to Europe, Asia and other areas soon! But no matter where you live, be sure to contact me now to learn more or to experience the benefits for yourself.


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David Stretanski is a holistic health, fitness and wellness coach and Certified ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor. For more information on David, please see his About MeContact page or his website at

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