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Living Barefoot Show with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

Referenced here is a great audio interview with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella on the Living Barefoot Show.

A few key discussion points:
– You can run without pushing off with your toes. You can run with less effort.
– Yes, you can change gait (technique).

– The foot being flat affects your running posture and efficiency.
– Traditional running shoes are on a 2:1 ramp: 24-30mm (heel), 12-14mm (forefoot).
– “You are efficient when you land under your hips, not in front of your hips.”
– “There is a better way to run” and your choice of shoes can compliment that way to run.
– “We want the foot to behave like a foot.”

– “Nothing can be looked at in isolation.” Must look at both form and footwear together. But first look at the chassis (postural alignment).
– Adapt slowly when getting flatter in your shoes.

Highly recommend this informative interview on running, walking, and moving naturally. See more information on Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and Two River Treads Center for Natural Running and Walking at


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