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4 Components of Alignment for Running Form Efficiency and Injury Prevention

Alignment is a key element for running form efficiency and injury prevention. When you are aligned a higher level of relaxation is possible. These are the two primary concepts in ChiRunning® – Alignment and Relaxation and the balance between them. The more you are aligned, the less you need your muscles. The less you use your muscles, the easier it is to stay aligned. But too much alignment without relaxation and you may be too stiff to move. Or too much relaxation without alignment and you may be too loose to maintain your position.

Here are 4 Components of Running Form Alignment:

Internal Postural Alignment

Posture is the most important element in ChiRunning. It is the ‘framework’ for all the other elements. Your posture manages the force of gravity acting down on you. Efficient posture aligns your shoulders over your hips over your ankles with a neutral head position and feet pointed forward. It also maintains a level pelvis to stabilize both your pelvis and your posture line.


Postural Alignment

When your posture is aligned your structure efficiently maintains your position, against the downward force of gravity, with limited effort from your muscles. In motion, postural alignment also engages proper muscles and limits the use of compensating muscles.

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Directional Alignment

For increased efficiency you can also focus on having as many parts of your body moving in the same direction as you are – horizontally forward. If there are parts of your body moving from side to side, there is wasted energy and possibly unnecessary stress on the body. The most common forms of excess motion are rotation in the legs/knees, hips sliding side to side, shoulders/torso rocking side to side, shoulders rotating, and a side to side arm swing crossing your centerline.

If parts of the body are moving vertically, then again there is effort and potential stress in that direction. The most common causes of vertical motion are pushing off with the feet/toes, lifting the leg vertically and allowing the knee to bend and straighten at mid-stance.

[Note: In ChiRunning the knees stay ‘soft’. This means slightly bent or not ‘locked’, and not enough to significantly engage the quad muscle.]

When your motion is aligned forward you can add efficiency while reducing stress and impact.

External Alignment with the Forces of Nature

There are two big forces of nature you can use to your advantage and cooperate with. The first is gravity which will pull you forward if you tilt your posture line from relaxed ankles. The more you lean into gravity the more focus you need on maintaining your aligned position. And the more relaxed you must be to not resist the forward pull of gravity.

Cooperating with the Forces of Nature


The second is the force of the approaching ground. When you allow your feet to land midfoot (or fullfoot) under your posture line and allow them to move to the rear as the land, you are cooperating with this very big force. You can enhance this cooperation by allowing your pelvis to rotate back to soften impact and extend stride length. There are even ways to use this force to your advantage.

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When your body’s position is cooperating with the external forces of nature, then the body can move with these forces for external propulsion and minimal resistance.

Mental Alignment with Your Intention

An even higher level of alignment is your mental focus on your intention. Your intention is where you are headed and how you plan to get there. With this alignment, your eyes are focused down your path and you senses are focused on your body.

When you are aligned mentally, then the body and mind are acting congruently as a team.

Alignment and Relaxation

If you wish to run efficiently while reducing stress, impact and injury; then your alignment internally, directionally, externally and mentally are all focus points that can enhance your running form. Two questions to ask often: How can I be more aligned? How can I be more relaxed?

Learn more about ChiRunning in this online video: ChiRunning Simplified! Efficient and Injury Free Natural Running Technique


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David Stretanski is a holistic health, fitness and wellness coach and Certified ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor.  For more information on David, please see his About Me, Contact page or his website at

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  1. Sharron Says:

    I love the concept of Chi Running and walking and Mental Alignment with Your Intention that is the key for it all….

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