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Moving Through a Sea of Energy

If you have been practicing ChiRunning or ChiWalking for awhile, you may have started to notice the mental benefits of focus and using visualizations. I tend to find myself in a ‘zone’ more and more often. I tend to have answers and realizations pop into my head often when out running or walking.

Recently I was out on a run and the concept that ‘Everything is Energy’ popped into my head. This has been the subtitle to my blog since the beginning. When you get right down to it, everything is simply energy rearranged differently. For some reason on this day I was reminded of it. I started to think about this concept as I was running along a single track trail. I decided to consider everything around me, including the air, was a sea of energy. With that idea came the concept of my energy ‘jet-wash’ like the ones you see off of a jet’s wings or like one you feel when you are drafting behind a moving object. As I moved through this sea I imagined I was creating this same energy ‘pull’ or ‘suck’ forward. I then decided to let that energy ‘pull’ me forward.

What resulted was a focus on the trail ahead, a soft focus or blur of the woods in my peripheral vision, and an image I was being pulled forward by this energy ‘jet-wash’. My running became more effortless and I picked up speed without even trying. When my attention shifted more to the trail, I had a sense of more tension. When I balanced this direct focus on the trail with a soft (or indirect) focus on the woods and energy ‘jet-wash’, I felt more relaxed. Relaxation reduces resistance to movement (fall) forward and motion.

This is just one example of the many visualizations that can be used to change your focus or attention. This visualization is complimentary to the ‘bungie cord’ or y’chi concept. The ‘bungie cord’ is connected between your sternum and a distant point in front of you. It is a way to imagine an external force (gravity plus your lean) pulling you forward.  The y’chi concept is that you can direct your energy through your eyes; which is related to your attention pulling your energy and your energy pulling you.

So the next time you are out practicing ChiRunning or ChiWalking, consider trying visualizations that will ‘allow’ you to move with less effort and more relaxation. Any image that results in greater alignment, relaxation and balance will likely have a dramatic effect on your experience.


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