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Running Like Children

A quick post today referencing the embedded video which shows the elements of running technique utilized by children.  Note the running technique used for efficiency and fun!; a mid-foot (full-foot) landing and a subtle lean(*) for propulsion. This is very similar to so many other examples of how running ‘naturally’ instinctively utilizes these elements of technique:

  • Kenyans Marathoners
  • Tarahumara Indians
  • San People of Africa’s Kalahari Desert

Note that there are very few similarities between Evolution Running, Pose Method Running and ChiRunning.  This is a subject to be discussed in Part 2 of a previous post How Should We Run?, which will also clarify some of the generalized statements made in this video.

Take a look … just as in nature, form follows function or purpose.  In this case, the function or purpose is efficiency and fun; two things most runners would gladly add (back) into their running.

In the end, how we each decide to run is an individual decision. Most runners would probably agree they would like to be more efficient and prevent injury. In many cases, even one simple idea can help anyone run more ‘naturally’; and make a significant impact on our running experience and consistent mobility.

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Posted on Wednesday, Nov. 18th 2009 7:31 AM | by echifitness | in All, Barefoot/Minimalist, ChiRunning, Fitness | 2 Comments »

2 Comments on “Running Like Children”

  1. Ryan Miller Says:

    Awesome post David. I love the concept of running like a kid. I also love the concept of running like an adult, meaning running with awareness and consciousness. For me its about finding a balance between the two. This is why I love ChiRunning. As Danny mentions in the book, we don’t all have the same bodies we did when we were kids so we need to consciously move in ways that increase relaxation and joy. Great post which should generate lots of discussion!

  2. TinaBiner Says:

    I’ve been noticing this same running style in my kids whether they’re wearing crocs or sneakers. Nice post, thanks.

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