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New ChiRunning Resources

Here is a summary of the latest #ChiRunning resources available to support your injury-free #running:

ChiRunning® Book – 2009 Updated Edition

The handbook of all things ChiRunning, this recently released second edition (May 2009) follows the highly successful first edition which sold over 200,000 copies.  The second edition adds 62 pages and provides the most up-to-date information on the ChiRunning® principles, technique and practice.

ChiRunning Book Update Info Here

ChiRunning® DVD – 2009 Updated Edition

More of a visual learner?  This recently released second edition (May 2009) updates the DVD with all the latest information and ChiRunning program lessons.

ChiRunning DVD Update Info Here

ChiRunning® 3 CD Audio Program

Prefer to learn ChiRunning via audio?  This recently recorded 3 CD Set includes the principles, the technique, and audio tracks for guided Chi-Runs.

ChiRunning 3 CD Audio Program Info Here

ChiRunning® PAIN-FREE Marathon Training Program – Beginner

Running your first marathon?  The first of many PAIN-FREE running event programs to come, this training program guide combines the proven ChiRunning technique for efficiency and injury-prevention; with the safest and most effective training strategies for your first marathon.

ChiRunning Marathon Training Program Info Here


These are just a few of the many resources available to you in your ChiRunning practice.  These resources are also available in a learning package for a discount.  Check out the packages here.  There are also free online articles, blogs, bulletin board and email eNewsletters.  Access them all on the ChiRunning Website under the Resources and Newsletters Tabs.


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David Stretanski is a holistic health, fitness and wellness coach and Certified ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor. For more information on David, please see his About Me, Contact page or his website at

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