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Survive or Thrive?

A recent online webinar summarized a few key elements of nature we need to survive.  The presented list was:
– Oxygen
– Water
– Food (Nutrition)
– Sleep

These elements of nature are certainly critical to survival … but many of us are actively working towards more than settling for mere survival; we are looking to have abundant energy and health to thrive.  In support of this goal, we might want to clarify the above a bit more and perhaps add a few more key elements to the list:flowing-stream
– Oxygen:  Clean air free of chemicals, allergens and pollutants.  Plus, ample ‘feel-good’ negative ions found in forests or by streams.
– Water:  Again, clean water free of chemicals, pesticides and other un-natural contaminants.  Plus, water that is mineralized and ‘living’ as if it came directly from a fresh mountain stream.
– Nutrition:  Whole food or whole food supplements in their most natural, organic state.  To nourish and replenish the body with essential nutrients.
– Sleep:  A quality night’s rest to allow the body to recharge and renew.

To this list we might add:
– Earth’s Magnetic Field:  Our environment is now filled with electromagnetic interference; electricity, cell, radio, TV, WiFi, etc.  Plus, we live a high percentage of our lives isolated from the earth via concrete, pavement, rubber, and living stories above ground.  An environment closer to the earth’s natural resonance can reduce this stress on the body.  [Note: Magnetics can also be used to promote the flow of energy, blood, nutrients and waste to support the body’s functions.]
– Other Types of Earth’s Energy:  i.e. uV from the sun to support natural Vitamin D production and Far-Infrared to increase circulation and heat from within.

To this list we should also definitely add what we need to do in order to thrive:
– Physical Motion:  A consistent fitness program to help generate energy and support the body’s overall health and cleansing process.  The system to nourish the tissues of our body has a pump, our heart.  The system which cleanses our tissues does not; it relies on our motion to support this key function.  It is also physical activity which supports bone health as the body builds bone based on physical stimulus.

So where does this lead; perhaps in one statement – ‘it is not nice … to fool … with … Mother … Nature’.  Asking the body to function in an unnatural environment forces it to work much harder, draining your energy and affecting your health; all of which is needed to thrive in the pursuit of your goals.

The good news is that there are simple ways to create a more natural environment, even in this time when the many influences are working against us.  And you do not have to make big changes or multiple changes at once; in many cases a simple adjustment can have a significant effect.  Information and resources on ‘getting back to nature’ in our environment and in our fitness programs, is available at and


Note: Statements on this website/blog are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any physical or medical condition.  If you have a physical or medical condition, you should seek the advice of your medical professional immediately.


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David Stretanski is a holistic health, fitness and wellness coach and Certified ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Instructor. For more information on David, please see his About Me, Contact page or his website at

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