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In addition to a pre-hab "reduce negative stress" fitness and life focus, there are also the important re-hab "enhance repair/renewal" approaches for Health, Quality of Life and Performance/Discomfort benefits.

Please connect with me directly by email to learn about: cell signaling repair/renewal science, resources, usage, typical experiences and my personal testimonial.

DannyDavidWeb EnerChi Fitness Based in Monmouth County NJ, EnerChi Fitness provides ChiRunning® and ChiWalking® Resources, Informational Seminars and Instructional Programs throughout the NJ/PA/NY/CT area and Northeast USA

Above ... Danny Dreyer (ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Author, Left), David Stretanski (EnerChi Fitness, Right)

Above ... David Stretanski Intro Fitness Coach, Certified ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Master Instructor

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Current Coaching/Instruction Schedule

David's Coaching/Instruction schedule is currently limited to private instruction in the Red Bank NJ Area with limited travel. See the Services tab for more information.

Please reach out if I can answer any questions or provide a referral to another certified instructor in the NJ/NYC metro area.

Is Your Running or Walking Fitness Program ...

Lacking enjoyment? Experiencing fatigue? Discomfort? Aches/Pains? Injuries? Want to start safely? Or maybe looking for that competitive edge?

WHAT IF: A few simple principles applied to your running or walking technique resulted in a dramatic increase in efficiency while significantly reducing stress/impact on the body?

THE BIG Q: How Do You Run Or Walk?

As you move across the ground, which object below does it feel like?

And which object would you like it to feel like?


ChiRunning® (“chee-running”) and ChiWalking® apply simple principles of biomechanics, physics and nature to running and walking … which increase momentum and decrease resistance ... for dramatic improvements in energy efficiency while reducing discomfort, recovery, aches/pains and injury.

Find out how to increase rolling momentum and reduce sliding resistance in the following ChiRunning Simplified! Video.

(Note: The same principles apply to ChiWalking.)

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What People are Saying ...

- "Informative and involving [workshop]. Really good [presenter] ... it was invaluable to learn what it feels like when you're ChiRunning correctly under the guidance of a teacher." Julie, Cape May, NJ

- "I learned a lot from the workshop. I have found that Chi Running has improved my running, recovery, and posture. I have spread the word on Chi Running. It absolutely works!!" Paul - Shrewsbury, NJ

- "David is wonderful! I was so impressed with his patience, his ability to observe the smallest of details and work through them all, and his passion for teaching others until they master the technique. I appreciate his email responses, for they always include some type of educational aspect that I had not known before, and he is also very uplifting, energetic and motivating in a non-threatening way." Debbie, Jackson, NJ

- See more Testimonials here: Testimonial Blog Posts, more posts being added periodically ...

About Me: After many years of my own challenges with overtraining and injury, I was fortunate to find ChiRunning (Chi Running). My fitness program quickly experienced the benefits of a different approach with the primary objectives of Energy Efficiency and Injury Prevention. ChiRunning has created a more enjoyable and consistent program with more focus on how well I am running or walking, and not directly on how fast or how far. Yet I can now run faster and farther than before with no aches, pains, injury or recovery time - interesting how that works ...

Given the significant impact of ChiRunning and ChiWalking to my own health, fitness and well-being ... my objective is to share these techniques and unique approach with others.

If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My best to you,



David Stretanski

ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® Certified Master Instructor, Fitness Coach


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